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Kraft Coupon Canada

Get $15 in coupons for various Kraft products

Coupon accessed 500 times
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Date Added: Dec 10, 2012
Unknown Expiry Date

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Coupon Category: Grocery

Coupon Company: Kraft

Coupon submitted by: couponlady

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Andrew Lemay (Dec 21, 2012)

You cannnot NOT love Kraft..

Joel (Dec 28, 2012)

I love Kraft so much and so does my family! Great work...

Serena (Jan 19, 2013)

I've ordered twice for Kraft coupons and I still have yet to receive them. I ordered a bunch of coupons and they never came.

kevin (Mar 16, 2013)

I have been buying Kraft for 50 years

greenwitch (Mar 27, 2013)

i have tried a number of times to get these coupons, and every time I click on them, all i get is redirected to a recipe site.. *ugh* have more than enough recipes, just want the coupons :)

Lissa (Apr 1, 2013)

Ive tried getting these coupons with no luck. Just keeps sending me to the Kraft website.

Corinne (Apr 3, 2013)

The Kraft coupons are non-existent. Bad publicity-

krissy (Apr 18, 2013)

take this feed off...there is no coupons...just headaches

deedee (May 13, 2013)

no coupons available. bogus site

sandra marshall (Jan 11, 2014)

I love all kraft produces

Polka Dot (Sep 16, 2014)

I have tried repeatedly to get coupons to no avail. I try to become a member of your club and can never enter all my info.

Marielle (Oct 25, 2014)

I never seem to get these coupons. I do not think there are any coupons. wasted time and effort

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