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Canada Coupons


SmartCanucks Official Hot Canadian Deals and Coupons to go With Flyer Savings Until April 1st

March 26th 2020

Like last week, this will not be a list of coupon match ups, as many who regularly use coupons feel it may not be the most appropriate time to be using them, or at least not using them on a large scale. There is also the issue of limits on many items, and availability of items may also be a problem. Walmart does not even have a flyer this week.

The list for this week is simply a list of decent prices for basic grocery items and things you may regularly purchase, in order to help you chose which store you’d like to shop at this week if you need anything. Planning your shop out before hand will help you spend less time in the store. Make note of any limits on items in the flyers this week as well, as there are many.

Click here to view the list for this week. 

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